Norwegian company dumped Danish boats to land deal with Iranian port authority

The reason; cannot you guess it? hmm, no? really? well, er…. the reason is … the publishing of the Mohammed cartoons. Was not Norway a secularised country? Er, not from Islamists I presume.

HT: Agora:

Båtservice Verft in Mandal had to cut out Danish supplier to land big contract with the port authority of Iran

Dumped Danish boats
This time around the shipyard has been tasked with building nine pilot vessels for the port authority of Iran. The contract is estimated to be worth 110 Millions NOK.

“Iranian authorities view Norway as a good country to collaborate with,” Bjørn Fjellhaugen opines.

Though the contract was signed as the Norwegian flag was burning in the Middle East, that wasn’t a problem [at the negotations].

“It’s worse for the Danes. They have problems. I had, among other things, some Danish rubber boats included in the Pilot Vessel project. I had to put in Zodiacs instead, Fjellhaugen says to Dagens Næringsliv.

Good Reputation in Sudan
Fjellhaugen is currently in negotiations with the government of Sudan for an order of several Towboats. The efforts of former Secretary for Foreign Aid, Hilde Frafjord Johnson, to create peace in the country has given [Norwegians] a very good reputation in the country, according to Fjellhaugen.

The Båtservice group last year had a turnover of 280 Million NOK with a surplus of 9 Million NOK before taxes and employs 360 people.

Good reputation in Sudan and Iran. Damps out the Danes. Well, it’s logical: 70% of his business is in Muslim countries (link in Norwegian). Er, looks like money is not secularised. he, he…

HT: Eurabian News. Also commenting on this issue:, The Nordish Portal (where I read Mullah Krekar is likely to be expelled to Iraq soon: I do not know if those are good news or not. I mean, Iraq does not need another foolish imam/fatwa maker, they have enough with Al-Sadr. Mainly, when the rest are decreeing the spilling of innocent Iraqi blood).

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