Censorship in the blogosphere: Pakistan is blocking websites that carry Mohammed cartoons

From Plus Ultra Blog:

ISLAMABAD: The government has blocked all websites that carry caricatures of…Muhammad…on the Internet, and the attorney general has been asked to explore legal avenues for implementing a global ban on these sites. A three-member bench…issued notices and directed the attorney general to inform the court next Monday as to how it could prevent access to such objectionable material on the internet worldwide. The bench was…seeking a complete blockage of sites carrying the cartoons and their depictions.
The blocked sites are contained in this document from the Pakistani governement:

HT: The Nordish Portal

Looks like the blockage they are asking is going to affect only people living and viewing Internet from Pakistan. But his example can extend to other countries, including some Eurabian totally fearful of Islamist “peaceful” methods of persuasion. And Musharraf is hardly seaking legislation from a UN platform against the “blasphemous” cartoons. Please read the link from the Nordish Portal: VERY IMPORTANT.


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