A valuable Foreign Minister

From IDNES.CZ (in Czech), an interview with Czech foreign minister Cyril Svoboda who was one of EU politicians that were demanding taking a strong position in the controversy – specifically that EU should demand apologies for burned embassies in Syria and Lebanon.

Q: … I must appreciate that you are one of the few EU politicians who are defending European values, for which we have been fighting hundred of years. It’s shocking what position was taken by some European politicians like Mr. Solana, who said that he will not accept the publication of simmilar cartoons in European newspapers. Don’t you think that such abandonment of European values and retreating before extremists leads us to hell?

A: Yes, I don’t want to follow such path. I agree with you. Europe must be aware of its values and must act as a power, that is respected and respectable. I want for Europe to be able to ask any other county on this planet for decency, for an example to follow international rules of conduct. And I don’t want “solidarity” to be empty word. It shows it’s easy to speak about solidarity but it’s difficult to realize it. Therefore I propose creation of a crisis scenario for the realisation of solidarity, including economical solidarity, in case some of member states will be facing boycott. It does not have to play role if it’s small or big state, and it’s a pity Denmark has been left almost alone.

Q: … do you think steps taken by EU regarding cartoons were sufficient?

A: Sadly the reaction of EU was very moderate. It would be more favourable for EU to speak clearly and show solidarity with one of it’s members. It was also a test of how EU would behave if Czech Republic would be in position of Denmark. (we have to remember that a Czech video recorded by the public TV has been also very polemic).

Q: … have EU got apology for burned ambasies?

A: Unfortunately we did not get apology for burned ambasies, and we even did not ask for it, even though I strongly demanded it and I will continue to demand it. Even though such position is not majority, it’s
right position.

Translation from Info Islam.

I totally agree with this man. What a difference from the Finnish one! (And Mr. Solana, what a shame he is Spanish!)

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2 responses to “A valuable Foreign Minister

  1. ACB

    Didn’t this country legalize gay marriage this week?

  2. I do not know, does it matter anyway? I am talking about a man who is defending freedom of expression. And, by the way, Spain has also legalised them, but has a very horrible position in the cartoons affair.

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