A Kuwaiti newspaper’s editorial

From Ace of Spades:

Published in a Kuwaiti newspaper. I guess there is a debate happening in the Muslim world. We just need it a little quicker. Time is ticking down.

Osama bin Laden is a terrorist, a criminal, a murderer, is a vile man and has many inhuman attributes, but he is certainly not responsible for the rise in hatred toward Muslims in Europe. This hatred has emerged due to the adoption (by Western governments) of the many new measures taken to stem the flow of Muslims into Europe and the United States.

[…] Muslims themselves are responsible for disfiguring Islam’s image in the Western mind. They have failed to present a positive image of Islam, and therefore are responsible for all the trouble that has descended on Muslims today.

Osama bin Laden never forced anyone to go to Iraq, kill its people and destroy its infrastructure. He has forced no one to kill innocent people in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, America and Europe. Bin Laden didn’t tell European Muslims hate the countries that have given them refuge and made them rich after their poverty, fed them after their hunger, provided them with freedom after being enslaved in their own Muslim counties, and finally educated them after they were ignorant. You, the Muslims of the West, made all of these catastrophic choices out of your own free will. You willfully sought evil and failed to return the West’s goodwill with goodwill. What do you expect from the Westerner, when he sees his own citizens killed in the name of religion? Sees hate in the name of religion? Sees terrorism harm him in the name of religion?

HT: Noisy Room.NET.

Very interesting what this editorial says. Let’s hope they are not going to imprison or to kill its writer.

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3 responses to “A Kuwaiti newspaper’s editorial

  1. I have linked to your blog and invited attention to it:

    “I have stumbled upon yet another noteworthy blog, The Anti-Jihad Pundit. It is absolutely first class. The author is a Spanish citizen who writes in English. At the bottom left of each page you will find a link to previous entries. There are a lot of them.”

    Yours is one of the very best anti-Islamic blogs I have encountered and I look forward to being a regular visitor.

  2. Thanks, Ken. I appreciate your link and your praise to my work very much. We have to know as you very well point in your blog that the problem is not the Muslims but the Islamist ideology that some of them are preaching sometimes with the acknowledge and even the praise of some Westerners. Also the politicians AND the MSM have their own part of responsibility of this situation.
    So, the problem is that, sadly, they are having power because we are just giving it to them, obviously throwing to the dustbin not only our own beliefs and thoughts but also the ones of the people who, fighting a totalitarian ideology have fleed from their countries of origin.
    So thanks again, and I am adding your blog just now to my own blogroll.

  3. Great Blog, very informative and to the point. I have added a link to it on my blog.

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