March 11th bombings: the judicial process

From La Razón:

The Nacional Audience’s Judge Juan del Olmo will conlude the Summary phase, and in the first days of April will issue the Processing Resolution that will determinate how many of the 116 presumably culprits of the attacks will be formally accused and carried before a Tribunal. According to legal sources, there were only be less than a third part of the originally accused, 116 persons. As a result, only 30 at the most, will be formally accused.

These are the ones actually in prison:

-Abdelmajid Bouchar: he escaped from the Leganes apartment when the Police surprised him, taking out the rubbish. “El Gamo” was detained in Serbia and extradited to Spain las november. Accused of 191 murders and 1.741 attempted ones.

– Jamal Zougam: From his Lavapies’ telephone booth business, the terrorists bought the mobile phone cards. The phones were used to explode the bombs. He was recognised as one of the terrorists that put the bombs in the trains, although he denies it. He was detained 2 days after the attacks (the first thing he asked was “Who has won the elections?). It’s considered one of the material authors of the attacks.

– Basel Ghalyoun: He was also recognised in a photo by two passengers, but afterwards they retracted, although the procsecutor said that maybe that was caused by his new haircut and his overweight. He is accused of 191 murders and 1.759 attempted ones. He is prison since March 24th 2004.

-José Emilio Suárez Trashorras: He supposedly gave the terrorists 210 kgs of dynamite Goma-2 Eco stolen from a mine in Asturias, material which was transported from Avilés to Madrid in no less than 3 trips by different persons. He is considered as a necessary cooperator (included the GEO -especial agent- happened in Leganes) and the Judge accuses him of 1.759 attempet murders. He is facing a petition of more than 20.000 years in prison (maximm time in prison in Spain is 40 years). he is prison since one week after the attacks.

– Rabei Osman «The Egyptian». Detained in June 2004, he is inprisonned in Italy since then. He named himself, in telephone conversations intervened by the Italian police, the “Madrid’s thread”. “That was my project, it cost me two years of study and patience”. His role as the “brain” is, 2 years after, has been drastically reduced.

-Rachid Aglif. One of the men who took part in the meeting in a Madrid’s “burger”, when the selling of the dynamite was planned between the gruop from Asturias and the terrorists. Detained in April 6th 2004.

– Rafa Zouhier: A Civil Guard’s Informer he is one presumably, of the people who integrate the Asturian plot, dedicated to give “The Chinese” the explosives used in the attacks. He says he told the Civil Guard a year befor the attacks that some Asturian people were trafficking with explosives to sell them in Madrid. In prison since March 19th 2004.

-Emilio Llano. Guardian of the Conchita Mine, from where the explosives where stolen. The judge accuses him of the lack of control in the vigilance of the explosives and detonators: “Not taking into account his obligation to control” he let that the explosives’ remainders were being sold in the black market. 3 miners have informed him before of the rob of three boxes.

– Antonio Toro. Brother-in-law of Suarez Trashorras, he met Zouhier in prison and then introduced them. The three of them were at the meeting where the plan to buy the explosives was made.

– Hamid Ahmidan. His fingerprints were at the Morata de Tajuña’s home where the bombs were prepared. In his home, false identity cards with the photo of his cousin, Jamal Ahmidan, one of the terrorists who committed suicide in Leganes. In prison since March 25th 2004.

-Otman El Gnaoui. He lived with Hamil Ahmidan, who solded him because of his disorganised life and because he did not read the Koram. He acknowledges he was a drug dealer, but denies being a terrorist. He is accused of belonging to a terrorist organization and necessary cooperator in the explosives transport. Detained on March 30th 2004.

-Mohannad Almallah Dabas. he is related with one of the material authors of the attacks, Basel Ghayoun. He was recruiting, with his brother Moutaz, young islamists which were later sent to another countries as “mujahidines” and who were indoctrinated in an appartment of the Virgen del Coro St. (MAdrid) where Serhane “The Tunisian” -another one of the terrorists who committed suicied in Leganes- also had been living.

-Soufiane Raifak. He belongs to the logistical group that searches and bought the explosives.

– Fouad El Morabit. He lived with Basel Ghalyoun. His fingerprints were also in the Morata de Tajuña’s house. He talked by phone before and after the attacks with some of the material attackers and one of them also stayed at his home. Serhane the Tunisian told him that he should leave Madrid inmediately because something very big was going to happen.

-Abdelilah El Fadoual. He had a very close relationship with Jamal Ahmidan and he supplied Ahmidan with drugs and false documents that have been decisive for his accusation. One month after March 11th, he bought to “The Chinese” the car who had made the trips to buy the explosives. In Prison since April 2004.

-Hassan El Haski. He may be one of the brains of the attacks. In prison since Dec. 21st 2004 as responsible of the planning of the attacks. His hostage was Attila Turk, who confessed afterwards that his group of Moroccans was the one who had carried out the attacks:.

– Yousef Belhadj: Apparently he is the terrorist who claimed the attacks were made by the Abu Hafs El Masri Brigades. He is considered as another possible “brain” of the attacks. The Judge believes he took part in the attacks with other “runaway” terrorists, such as his cousin Mohammed, who fleed on April 3rd 2004.

HT: Ciberterrorismo.

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