Turkish Mediation, bounties and dhimmitude

Agora :: Turkish mediation in prophet crisis given the brush-off :: March :: 2006

Turkish Mediation in Prophet Crisis given the Brush-off
The Turkish Foreign minister suggests to the EU that they tighten their laws against offending religious sensibilites. Both the Danish and the Dutch Foreign Minister rejects the proposal. The Turkish Foreign Minister, Abdullah Gül, tried helping Denmark moving beyond the Muhammed-crisis.
On a meeting of Foreign Ministers in Salzburg, he had been asked to open the debate about how to create better dialogue between the EU and the Moslem World. “It’s time for Europe to facus on the bigger problems today and not let itself get consumed by problems less important in the bigger picture. Those bigger problems are, to name a few, poverty, extremism, anti-semitism and islamophobia,” Gül scolded.

Oh, yeah, Europe is the most extremist of all parts of the world. And yes, anti-semitism is somewhat big these days in Europe, but I do think that it’s more intense in Muslim countries (example: Syria) and among Muslims, whatever some Anti-Israeli Jews say. Lastly, but not least, islamophobia is not the real problem in Europe:

He warned tat the cartoon affair was about Europe’s prestige and that the world community mustn’t think that religion is not part of the European value set, when the opposite is the case. “It’ s Europe’s greatest value and it should not be destroyed,” Gül said.

Yeah, religion is a very important value in Europe. But we have to ask: what religion? I am sure that Islam is not a real value of Europe, it’s just an imported religion, whatever some exhibition in London tells all of us (see also Gates of Vienna). And, as the cartoon case has showed, does not stand for the real values of Europe. So much that even in Germany the Koran is being accused of incompatibility with German values and In Holland there are going to be special tests for inmigrants. It’s curious that both things have not been necessary before for the previous foreigners, whatever their religion was. Looks like they did not want to burn the flags of the country they were living in.

And of course, if people in Europe does not start taking their own faith seriously, the predictions are not very good: a senior cathedral cleric in Britain , is suggesting it will become a Muslim nation. And that is also what the most important of all the refugees in Norway, Mullah Krekar, says: “The West can never be victorious” (Also in NoisyRoom.Net, LGF ).

But we continue with Gül:

His speech circulated among Turkish and Danish journalists. According to a Turkish journalist, especially one sentence was directed at Denmark: “When we fail to stop overt fanatic manifestetations, we’re probably stoking the fires of those on the other side of the fance,” it said.
Foreign Minister Per Stig Møller (Conservatives) was pleased that Gül distanced himself from radicalism. But he didn’t think there were many other newsworthy items in the speech. The only other thing of interest was an appeal to the EU-countries to consider tightening their laws against defamation of religious sensibilities, according to Per Stig Møller. “I would ask you to examine your legislation to ensure that all religions are treated equally, Islam included,” Gül said.
The Dutch and Danish Foreign Ministers denied any such need. “We have Freedom of Speech. That means that Mr. Gül can say whatever he likes and I can say what I feel like.
And I think [Gül’s idea] is superflous,” The Dutch Foreign Minister, Bernard Bot, said to Dutch journalists. Per Stig Møller also emphasised that the idea was redundant: “We have that already. All EU members have legislation like that”. […]

It’s curious that a Muslim scholar says Islam will only be reformed when the Muslims get their ass kicked. What is more surprising is that he was someone opposed to the cartoons.

But looks like the ones who are been pursued are the cartoonists: another bounty has been offered (see also The Volokh Conspiracy), but also someone is protesting the violence with very similar reasons as we have pointed in the past. (HT: Tim Blair)

The deaths from the cartoon riots have demonstrated to the Western world not our love for our Prophet (peace be upon him), but the flippancy with which we regard human life. What benefit has the loss of another fifty Muslim lives brought? What good has the burning and vandalism of embassies done? For what fault were the Nigerian Christians attacked and their churches destroyed? We speak of the non-Muslim world’s need to respect Islamic sentiments and yet we cannot reciprocate the same toward other religions. Sadly, it seems the scope of our tolerance extends only to those who tolerate us. And in doing so we appear just as bad as those whom we criticize.

Where is our vociferous condemnation of the killings of innocents, be they in Bali, Beslan or in Baghdad? Have we ever demonstrated our outrage at the mass killings perpetrated by Muslim terrorists with the same ounce of protest that we reserve for the death of our own? Where was our outrage when the bodies of American civilians were being dragged across the streets of Baghdad, or the ones of Israeli soldiers being desecrated in Gaza? Can we honestly compare our muted head-shaking over the beheadings of Westerners with our ongoing violent protests against the cartoons? Yes, we do express “concern” or “disapproval”, but this by no means matches the zeal with which we decry such injustices inflicted upon our own.

Meanwhile the demonstrations continue: this photo from Pakistan (HT: Drinking from Home):

Drinking from Home reports that the Alberta Human Rights and Citizenship Comission has accepted the two complaints Syed Soharwardy filed against the publishers of the Jewish Free Press and the Western Standard for re-publishing the cartoons of Mohammed. The editor of the Western Standard tells his side of the story in the Calgary Sun, where he points out that the Alberta Human Rights Commision is all political correctness and ideological engineering and that the imam Soharwardy “not only does he think publishing the cartoons should be illegal but he thinks arguinig for the right to publish them should be illegal“. Just go over and read it.Via Pia Gratia, we get to know about the reason why Muslims were so “angry” about the cartoons. Kuwaiti scholar Tareq Suwaidan at the dialogue meeting in Copenhagen, March 10, quoted in Islam Online: “We are not angry because some of your have drawn our beloved Prophet. We are aggravated because of the way your government has mishandled this situation,” he said.,” he said. But as it is proved here there were no “mishandling” of the situation, just the firm defense of the values of Western civilization.

Well, some people in Europe has a very similar view on the subject. And others are respectful with Muslims but not with other religions: a student newspaper refused to publish the Mohammed cartoons but published a cartoon titled Capitalistic Piglet “that depicted Jesus performing oral sex on a pig. In the second panel the pig says that it’s “kosher” so long as the Christian savior doesn’t swallow” (via Dread Pundit Bluto).

Lastly, another very good information from Drinking from Home: Looks like a 14-member delegation of Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) met the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour to state the Muslim world’s concerns over the publication of teh cartoons and “[…] [they] urged the UN high commissioner to help Muslim countries redress legal deficits regarding respect for religions and also mobilise the human rights machinery to prevent any recurrence“.

At the same time in Indonesia, The Islamic Defender Front, an Indonesian Islamic fundamentalist movement, has shut down a Catholic “home” church in Sumedang in Garut, around 350km from the capital Jakarta, and ordered local worshippers “not to search for another place where to profess their faith”… After their chapel was shut down, a group of Catholics went to the police to denounce the case but “for the sake of keeping peace in the area”, they were “advised” not to make too much fuss.


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