Mark Steyn and the Barclays Brothers

Yesterday we spoke about Mark Steyn and his outing from two British newspapers.
There are people, however, that consider that this outing is only related to a change in the ownership of both newspapers, The Telegraph and the Spectator:

Apropos this newspaper, the Barclay brothers have agreed to buy Conrad Black’s controlling stake in Hollinger Inc. I don’t see why buying the Canadian parent company of the American parent company of the Telegraph should fall within the remit of a British government agency. But as it stands, it could be months before I find out whether it’s worth me kissing up to these Barclay guys.
The Telegraph and Spectator were both owned by Conrad Black via Hollinger. Mark Steyn has long been associated with, almost a protege of, Conrad Black. Yes, indeed he is all of the things attributed to him, a lively writer, fun to read, both informative and outrageous in equal measures. An excellent freelance columnist in fact. And very much a star of the Hollinger empire, his pieces in appearing in a number of Hollinger owned papers around the world.
But he was also very closely connected with the ancien regime at Hollinger. The non-appearance of his column is nothing to do with him being banned, nor to do with his attitude to or reporting of Islam.
It’s about the change of ownership of the specific outlets he used to write for. Or, perhaps, if you prefer, that since January 2004 when he wrote the above quote, he didn’t in fact suck up to the Barclay brothers enough.

Mark Steyn in his own page, only says about this issue: “As I said last week, the Telegraph Group owes us money which it’s being remarkably uncooperative in ponying up. But one day I’ll be back in print in the United Kingdom again. After I left The National Post, the general view among rival papers was that they didn’t need a right-wing madman like me in Canada. But a year or two went by and they all came creeping back with their woefully inadequate offers. I wouldn’t be surprised to get the odd tinkle from Fleet Street before too long.”(from Samizdata).

HT: La Benevolencia del Cervecero. (In Spanish).

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