Jihad Recruiters in British prisons

Two days ago I mentioned a post from Atlas Shrugs about the influence of imams in USA prisons. Also in a post about Spain, it was said that, for example in the “Nova Operation”, in which a terrorist cell was discovered, whose target was the Bernabeu Stadium, it was discovered that that terrorist cell was created in prisons. Now I read: Preachers of hate “trying to recruit Muslim inmates”.

UP TO 20 more imams who preach the same messages of hate as Abu Hamza could still be trying to recruit young Muslims in universities and prisons, the Government’s terror watchdog warned MPs yesterday.

Lord Carlile of Berriew told the Home Affairs Select Committee that not enough had been done to check the credentials of imams arriving from abroad to take up posts in Britain. His warning came as ministers pleaded with rebel MPs to back the Terrorism Bill tonight. It would ban the glorification of terrorism, which they insist is the only way to prosecute demonstrators who carry banners praising the 7/7 bombers. (READ MORE)

Thanks God that Blair won fight to glorify terrorism.


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