Presentation of this blog

I begin this blog with several objectives, being the main one to have a site where I can point out my personal views about the Jihad. As the title suggests, I am not in favour of an institution by which all Muslims are told to fight not only the so called Infidels but also the non-orthodox Muslims. Yes, I know that there are two kinds of Jihad, but as you probably have guessed, the problem is not with the jihad that any person should do against his/her own defects, but against human beings.

From my first blog (now deleted) I have been intending to fight this “institution” that intends to kill / drive into submission any person who does not believe in the same things the Ortodox Muslims.

I have been also blogging in Eurabian News and Infidel Bloggers Alliance, places I am not going to quit. But I need a blog to reflect upon the subject without making a multi-bloggers site to have so many posts that can be terrible to read on. And that is what I am going to do here. Also this blog is going to contribute to the EUResist project.

Some days I will not be able to post, but I have the intention to update the site as much as I  can.

Anyway, I think I ought to present a very important project made by Dymphna and Baron Bodissey called Bloody Borders Project.

The Bloody Borders Project Worldwide Islamic Terrorism Since September 11th The Bloody Borders Project
Here’s how he did it: he used the more than 1,300 place names from TROP and matched them to various online maps and gazetteers, particularly Falling Rain. The locations in Iraq, Pakistan, and India were particularly difficult to match, due to wildly varying spellings. The results were collected in a database, and then he wrote hundreds of lines of program code to create the images, learning the rudiments of Macromedia Flash MX to build the animation. Meanwhile, having had the time to repent in leisure, I learned the hard wisdom of being careful about what you ask for.

Those endless hours hunched over the keyboard staring at the names of villages in Hindi and Urdu and Arabic and Tagalog has left the Baron’s eyesight a little worse for the wear. Never mind; his labors produced a wonder. You cannot watch the display representing the ongoing murderous intent of so many groups, all of them under the umbrella of a brutally insane worldview, without realizing with a sinking heart what we are up against. Every time a little flash goes off, lives wink out.

And so we come now to what I call The Bloody Borders Project. Or, on my bad days, “that bloody Bloody Borders Project.” Perhaps, as you view it, you too will be changed by what you see. You are seeing it because of all those falling bodies in New York City on that September day in 2001. How ignorant we were not to know that bodies had been falling, falling for years, all along those bloody borders.

Note: the Baron intends to update the Project every month, as time permits, with new data provided by TROP. The maps shown here and at The Bloody Borders Project cover incident data through February 22, 2006.

Among others you can see what Krishna, at A Deeper Look, has commented on the subject.


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