Pakistani “way” of aiding the victims of the earthquake

It consists mainly in expelling ALL Christians from their homes:

Reports from Catholic leaders spearheading the relief work following the earthquake say that hundreds or even thousands of people near Joharabad, close to Pakistan-controlled Kashmir, are being made homeless, with no prospect of alternative accommodation being found.

In an interview with Aid to the Church in Need, Bishop Anthony Lobo of Islamabad-Rawalpindi said he feared that the incident of forced ejections he had uncovered was just one of many taking place across the region.

The bishop continued: “In one district near Joharabad, all the people are being thrown out — all of them are Christians. We are the most vulnerable people, we are very poor and we are easy targets.”

He said the ejections were all the more insulting to the Christian community because the government had plenty of land of its own on which to house the displaced Kashmiri people.

But, according to the bishop, the authorities preferred housing the refugees in Christian homes because it would save them the costly and time-consuming task of erecting shelters on alternative sites.

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2 responses to “Pakistani “way” of aiding the victims of the earthquake

  1. I’m glad your blogging this issue as well. Being a Christian is difficult when we are taught to be humble and to exhibit humility.

    I pray for the strength to practice humility, but reading these articles about how my Christian brothers and sisters are suffering under Islamic rule makes my heart ache.

  2. That is particularly disgusting in view of the fact that 95% of the aid they received was from Christian countries. There is no hope for these people (muslims). They are barbarians, through and through.

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