About Liebermann and Sheehan

As I treated here, Liebermann has made something that is making him a traitor to his own party: telling his own views about Iraqi situation. LGF says:

WASHINGTON – Sen. Joe Lieberman’s staunch stay-the-course defense of President Bush’s Iraq policies isn’t winning him any friends among fellow Democrats.
Lieberman’s pro-war views may be winning him praise from a grateful White House, but some Democratic colleagues see him as undercutting their party’s efforts to wrest control of Congress from the GOP next fall.
“He’s doing damage to the ability of Democrats to wage a national campaign,” said Ken Dautrich, a University of Connecticut public policy professor. “It’s Lieberman being Lieberman. And it’s frustrating for people trying to put a Democratic strategy together.”
Sensing political vulnerability in Bush’s handling of Iraq, Democrats are anxious to craft a compelling anti-war theme uniting the party for the pivotal midterm congressional elections.
Democrats hope a surging anti-war tide in 2006 can help them shatter the GOP’s 12-year lock on the House and win back the Senate for the first time since 2001.
“It’s not a tidal wave now, but the ingredients are starting to fall into place,” said veteran Democratic strategist Tad Devine.
Lieberman, who seems to relish his role as a maverick, is veering far from the Democratic script. His vocal support for the war, a stark and frequent reminder of the deep divisions among Democrats on how to end the war, makes him something of a marked man.

And the second one:

Up to 1,500 anti-war protesters and activists gathered for the 10-hour conference, which was organized by the Stop the War Coalition.
The scheduled speakers included Sheehan, who has become a focus of anti-war sentiment in the United States by camping outside the Texas ranch of President George W. Bush; Hasan Zergani Hashim, a spokesperson for Iraq’s radical Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr; and leftist British legislator George Galloway


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  1. Where have you disappeared to?

  2. I have been introducing very important news in the Spanish blog. I do not have time to post in both as there are so many news that are not translated into Spanish.

    >;ODDD I have changed the template of the Spanish blog.


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