Ahmadenijad: “I saw a vision while I was at the UN”

Very important video.

And very dangerous: the speaker (a woman), hmm, looks like she understand people have voted this dangerous extermist:

We know: for pacific use only…



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9 responses to “Ahmadenijad: “I saw a vision while I was at the UN”

  1. Thanks for posting this video. It is important that many people see this, so that they understand who we are dealing with. (I will post a link to it on my site, too).

    I consider myself to be a tolerant person. Whatever religious, spiritual, mystical beliefs a person has is usually OK with me, as long as they keep to themselves and leave other people alone.

    However, when they possess nukes, then it becomes another matter entirely. Ahmadenijad and his folowers are a danger to the entire world– let’s hope everyone realizes it before it is too late.

  2. Let’s hope it, Krishna.

  3. Oh, and thanks a lot for the link…

  4. I’m so glad you posted this. I didn’t know there was videotape of him making these claims.

  5. JMJ

    Thanks so much for the video.

    Frontline and more media need to do major stories on this. Word needs to get out.

    Being European/Spanish yourself(?), do you see any trend at all away from the appeasement mentality in Europe?

    Percentage-wise, how would you break down your immediate group of friends , et al? Spain as whole? Europe as a whole?

    Middle of the Road
    The “Infidel” Resistance

  6. Hello Pastorius:

    I received it yesterday afternoon. I was amazed at what I saw: that people do not deserve a war, they deserve peace and progress. It’s a pity that this fool has won the elections.


    Uff, that is a very difficult question. Whatever I speak with someone of this matter they just agree with me (and I do not tell them all, I do not want them to die of a heartstroke…>;ODDD). But 11/M have just terrified everyone here. A lot of people compare this situation with the previous one to 711. We have a traitor (Zapatero&Co), a Muslim (Mohamed VIth) and a denial of our own history, denial that is specially dramatic.

    The 11/M is nothing but clear: we had 113 suspects of which ONLY ONE is going to be tried. And CNI (that is, the Intelligence Agency) is investigating again the links between ETA and 11/M. Nothing is clear. Moreover, Zapatero was negotiating with ETA since 2000 (when Aznar was President).

    It’s a disaster, really.

  7. Sorry: I said: “the 11/M is nothing but clear”, and I should have said “the 11/M is nothing but unclear”

    I’m going to lose a train (and this time it’s not a joke >;ODDD)

  8. 11/M are the Madrid bombings of 11/March/2004.

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